August 21, 2019

We Are 4patriots

We Champion Freedom And Self-Reliance

Careers at 4Patriots


At 4Patriots, our goal is to be a great place for great people to work. We seek out people who embody our core values; the principles guide that dictate how we act, how we work and how we treat each other:

  • Get important stuff done

    • We look for people who strive to have deep understanding of their role and how their work connects to their team and the company at large — and how to organize their priorities to drive business value in the right ways.
  • Actively seek to learn improve and grow

    • We look for intellectual curiosity and a questioning mindset
  • Use data to make decisions

    • We look for people who can take in evidence, organize information from multiple sources, derive meaning from it, and make critical decisions quickly.
  • “We” not “I”

    • We value knowing how to cooperate with peers and leaders to help the team achieve its goals. 
  • See the glass half full

    • We look for people who want to take ownership of their role and demonstrate enthusiasm, excitement and passion for their work.


Business Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 8am to 5pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Our Mission

We Champion Freedom And Self Reliance

  • Top-Quality Products
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction
  • 100% Money Back Guarantees